Off-site Meetings


When it comes to off-site meetings, client appreciation trips, or employee reward events, we can truly help you. The fleet is well rounded we can truly help you. The fleet is well rounded top of the water. Breaking down barriers and thought possible are just some of the thought possible are just some of the benefits.possible are just some of the benefits.

We can take your group sailing and bring in wave runners, go-fast boats, ski boats and ultra-light planes for a fun-filled day of adventure. How about a team-building eventon a private island that includes volleyball, ascavenger hunt or a raft-building and relay race challenge? Want to know what your playing for? Call to find out the possibilities.


Dinner Charters

Need to entertain your top clients?
Want to host a party for 300 employees?
Is it time to reward the sales team?

Fishing Trips

A top level executive trip for 6 members.
A complete fishing tournament for 200.
It will be the highlight of your visit.

Ancillary Services

Want a corporate branding message?
Need transportation for the group?
Want to make a splash without getting wet?

Small Groups

Want to reward a select few?
Need to offer a spouse option?
How about a tour of the area?

Wet & Wild

Get out of the office for a half day break.
Hit the sand bars and jump in the water.
Keep your staff happy with a simple reward.

Sailing Regattas

We can put your team to work if desired.
You can relax and unwind on the decks.
Single day events are easy to arrange.